If you are interested in adopting from us, please contact us or visit the shelter! You can view our available animals on our Facebook page, also linked on the Available Animals page.

The adoption process at GCAS is simply filling out an adoption form at the shelter.

If you live in Garrard County, the adoption fee is $65.00, if you live outside of Garrard County, the adoption fee is $60.00.

This fee goes directly toward the spay/neuter voucher you receive upon adoption. The voucher covers $60 toward the spay/neuter of your new pet at a local veterinary office, a rabies shot, and county tag (Garrard County residents only). You have 14 days after adoption to have your new pet spayed/neutered. The vet to which to take your new pet will contact us directly to receive the voucher amount toward the procedure. (If your pet is too young to be altered upon adoption, have your vet contact us at the time of spay/neuter to confirm payment).

If the pet you adopt is already altered, the adoption fee is $30.00.